VIVO Cannabis Corp

At VIVO Cannabis, we are building an enduring business with best-in-class growing practices and state-of-the-art facilities. The businesses we own and acquire are consistent with our values and continue to elevate our offering. The wellness of our patients and the experience of our consumers drive our principal focus on quality and consistency. We go to market with exclusively premium brands, providing our customers and patients with trusted products that reflect our reputation for reliability and excellence.

Canna Farms

In August 2018, VIVO acquired 100% of Canna Farms, tripling VIVO’s capacity and adding over 15,000 medical patients and a new indoor West Coast cultivation facility. Canna Farms is a Health Canada Licensed Producer of cannabis products under the ACMPR (formerly MMPR).Canna Farms was the first LP in British Columbia to receive a ACMPR/MMPR license and has been growing cannabis since 2014. Canna Farms offers a large selection of strains of award winning, artisan, and hand-trimmed cannabis flowers with varying levels of THC and CBD. To meet broad client preferences, Canna Farms also offers ingestible cannabis oils with varying levels of THC and CBD. All products are grown organically, using glacial-fed groundwater, without any pesticides or foliar sprays.

Harvest Medicine

Harvest Medicine is a wholly-owned subsidiary of VIVO Cannabis. The company is an education focused, patient-centric, network of specialty medical cannabis clinics where patients receive best-in-class education, care, advice and follow-up support as they approach cannabinoid-based medicine. Harvest Medicine is one of Canada’s fastest growing cannabis clinic networks. In October 2018, it acquired Trauma Healing Centres, a multi-disciplinary clinic network providing medical cannabis care and specializing in patient assessments and individualized wellness plans. Together, Harvest Medicine and THC operate clinic locations in Alberta, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Ontario that provide care, education and support to over 22,000 active patients. Button links to and includes text: Learn more about Harvest Medicine

ABcann Global Corporation

In August 2018, ABcann Global Corporation changed its name to VIVO Cannabis Inc. ABcann Medicinals operates VIVO’s Vanluven facility, a 29,000 square-foot facility in Napanee, Ontario with an annual production capacity of 1,500 kilograms of high quality, indoor grown cannabis, plus 4,000 kilograms of cannabis grown for extraction in seasonal green houses. The indoor facility is built in accordance with GMP standards and is awaiting certification. The seasonal green houses await Health Canada licensing for cultivation.

Beacon Medical

VIVO Cannabis’ Beacon Medical brand offers Pharmaceutical-grade products grown in small batches at our state-of-the-art facility in Napanee, Ontario. Beacon Cannabis provides a unique and simplified approach to navigating medical cannabis using the Beacon Cannatypes™ classification system, enabling consumers to make educated selections from the hundreds of strains of cannabis available in Canada.

Fireside Cannabis

Fireside brings friends together with a high-quality line of premium cannabis that is geared towards groups. Fireside simplifies the approach to premium craft cannabis by offering three core varieties of dried flower and pre-rolled joints according to THC and CBD content. Consumers can tailor their purchases based on group size: high potency Fireside Black for large groups, Fireside Red for more intimate gathers, and Fireside Gold for smaller groups and couples.

Lumina Cannabis

Lumina’s products are designed to help cultivate a deeper connection to one’s self and promotes a healthy mind and body. Lumina is dedicated to wellness and therefore all of its products are non-combustible. Lumina’s line of full-spectrum cannabis oils will enter the market in 2019, they will initially be available in three high-potency varieties. Lumina products are made with tasteless and odorless food-grade MCT oil to promote fast and easy absorption into the body.